Apparently I’m a little quirky, funny and witty, intelligent but silly as wheel. I’ll let you decide that as you read through these pages and my journeys. 

In the real world, I’m a solo mum of Mx 25 (The Drummer) and Master 19 (The Piper), and Granny to baby “Evie”. I currently live in Perth, WA, but that could change at any minute. I work full time in health research and education, but I work just to have a life. I’ve done the executive and corporate thing, as well as a lot of study and have the t-shirt to prove it.

Now, I love travelling around the state, country and the world. At home, and when I travel, I like to cycle, kayak, swim and hike. I used to do most of my Australian travel from my battered 80 series Landcruiser and trusty Cub camper trailer. Now I travel with The Newby in the the MazStar with the slide on camper. The Piper has a swag, if he chooses to camp with us. Besides the kids, I have had our rescue greyhound in tow and there used to be a budgie and a mouse. I prefer to camp rough but I can take a caravan park if that’s the only option. Occasionally we do a week of a holiday house or motel rooms but that’s a real luxury.

Overseas, I’ll travel however I can. If it’s work, it’s often more upmarket than if I’m paying for it. I don’t do hostels though – I don’t need bed bugs, all night disturbances or shared dorms. I’ve  invested in a backpack (albeit wheeled) in anticipation of many years travels. So, I’m looking for international adventure whenever I can.

In these pages I share all my travels with you. Some of these earlier adventures involved my kids, some were solo, but now The Newby puts up with me. Some also include my friends and other members of my family. I hope you enjoy reading. All the photos are mine too, except the future adventures for obvious reason. I’d love to hear from you if you’ve got some ideas on places I could head. And if you’re out there, maybe we can connect. Safe travels. Solo Avo, J

We respectfully acknowledge the Wadjuk Noongar people, the traditional owners, custodians and knowledge keepers of Wadjuk Boodja, the land that we live on, and pay our respects to their elders past and present. We acknowledge the diversity of Australian Indigenous peoples on who’s lands we travel and extend our respect to these people. It is a privilege to live and travel on these lands.