Camping foot spa

Now this came about because I managed to get my first ever cracked heel during our road trip. I guess it’s from going without shoes and walking in dirt, dust and sand. The crack was painful and the crevices were filthy! Not at all attractive! So I decided to do a home spa and pedi. If you want one of these you need:

A bowl
Something nice to soak in

Firstly boil some water or access hot water. Almost fill a wide but shallow bowl. Now this bowl is quite possibly the same bowl that you’ll wash up your dinner dishes in, hand wash clothes in, it doubles as a rubbish bin and the kids may use it for any number of games. It also doubles as a low but stable table when upturned. Of course at home a bowl would have one use and we would have another dozen bowls or sinks to serve the other purposes. In fact we would have a purpose specific foot spa in a cupboard somewhere that was (an unwanted) present from a well meaning relative 10 years ago! But camping, we have one bowl and no one bats an eyelid that we wash our feet and our dinner dishes in it!

Next add your soaking agent. I bought some shower gel on special for $2 containing “7927 tingling leaves in mint and tea tree”. What a gem. It smells divine and even leaves a little tingle …

Now add your feet and soak until they feel nice. But first go to the loo! There’s nothing worse than plunging the feet, reaching for the wine and two minutes later having to pee! As you soak your feet make sure you rub them together and if needed get a green scourer and debride the dead skin. When you’re ready don’t forget to trim your nails. What a sheer delight.

Be prepared to have to make a spa for the kids when you’re done. They may even be brave enough to sneak a foot into yours! They only do it once though. You’ll probably enjoy this so much that you’ll keep on spa’ing your feet when you get home. Just don’t do it in the kitchen sink. That would be gross!

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