Cliffs and Shacks, Beaches and Islands

The southern coastal suburbs of Perth are very attractive to me. Those born and bread in Perth would say that’s because I live SoR (South of the River). I wasn’t born here and sides-of-the-river is an incredibly odd thing to me. I just like the southern beachside suburbs because of the Cockburn Sound. One day I would like to live in Rockingham, in an apartment with an ocean view. In the meantime we like to go for drives in the area and there is loads to to see from Coogee to Waikiki.

The beach at Port Coogee is a good place to start a drive along this coast line. Just off the beach is the Omeo Wreck, a favourite snorkelling spot for many. The wreck is hugely accessible and the water is beautifully clear. There is also a snorkel trail along the break wall.

Next stop is Coogee Beach with a jetty, swimming pontoon, netted beach and star fish! It’s a favourite spot for jetty jumping. The park is lovely and if your don’t like sand everywhere you can base yourself in the park and wander to the water. There is a kiosk for fish and chips, always a fave at the beach.

Woodsman’s is very similar to Coogee with the jetty and park, but the park is much larger and a favourite place for family gatherings, including Christmas Day. I have enjoyed many a sunset here, while others love fishing at the end of the jetty.

Between Coogee and Woodman’s is the Surf Life Saving Club that looks like the place to go for cafe style food and coffee. It was closed when we went there so we didn’t try it, but we were impressed with the look of the new facility.

At the far end of this beach strip is a peninsula and break wall, with a nice beach on the northern side and a lovely bay on the south. Further around on the south is a boat ramp. It’s huge and the times we’ve been there, in the afternoon, it’s very quiet. So much so that The Piper once “drove” the car there, before he had a licence. When I say drove, he was allowed to let the clutch out and move forward. No accelerator permitted.

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