How to bake the perfect spud in the campfire

I use a new potato but I’ve used brushed potatoes in the past. If they are brushed, give them a good clean because some people eat the skins (I don’t, but I’m fussy).

Take a 30cm square piece of aluminium foil. The sheet is normally 30cm wide so just take a square. Put your spud in the middle of one edge and roll it up. It should now look a bit like a wrapped lolly. Now tuck one end around the potato in one direction, and the other end around the potato in the other direction. Your potato should be evenly covered in foil (no area of the spud has more or less foil than another area).

Put your spud in the fire. If it’s a cooking fire, put it on the coals. If it’s a roaring fire put it on the edge of the fire. Turn your spud every 15 minutes so each side has been up or down or towards the fire or away from the fire. It will be ready in an hour (if it is a big spud). You can forget the spud all together and it will still be great. The longer you forget it, the better it will be.

Serve the spud by lifting it out and unwrapping it after about 5 minutes. Don’t unwrap it on the serving plate – ash from the fire will go all over the plate! Cut it open, smash it out and add whatever topping you like. I like French onion dip (store bought, low salt, low fat). You can try sour cream with or without cheese (apparently cheese makes everything better), baked beans (and eat the rest of the beans straight from the can with a spoon), butter, salt and pepper, gravy, guacamole (store bought avocado dip), salsa (store bought) or any left overs you have.

These are a great snack in the middle of a cold day. They also go with a steak or sausages. They suit a veggie, like The Drummer, as a meal in themselves. If there are any leftovers (they tend to be like wine and not create leftovers), offer them to other campers in your vicinity. They will be gratefully received and may go a long way to making up for being noisy the night before or for the kids being up with the birds this morning!

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