How to pop down a pop up shower tent

Let me say up front, if you don’t want to spend any time on the set up or take down of your camping gear, this unit is for you. I love mine. But they are not intuitive to take down. Having said that, they are easy when you know how. They come with an Owners Manual. My advice would be to ignore the instruction that reads “keep this manual in a safe place” and throw it straight in the bin! In fact, it would make a good fire starter.

After putting up the shower (which simply involves letting it go) enjoy it for it’s absolute simplicity. It has everything going for it. Privacy, maneuverability, ruggedness etc. To take it down, get on the interweb and follow these really simple instructions. However, a word of advice, many places we go there is no interweb access. So, have a play with your shower before you leave home. It would be a shame to have to drive out to find reception, or travel home with the tent flat packed (you wouldn’t be the first).

I think we’ve found a new camping game. If you didn’t throw the instruction away, or burn them, you could have a lot of fun giving them and the tent to people and asking them to follow the instructions to pop it down. We did.  A final word of warning. If it doesn’t want to pop down, don’t force it. Apparently they get a “memory” if you put them away with the sprung steel forced in a direction it doesn’t want to go. If this happens, your tent will never be the same again.

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