How to survive a caravanning and camping show

Yesterday The Newbie and I attended the Perth Caravan and Camping Show. This was far from my first show, having attended the huge show in Sydney on a few occasions, as well as the show that’s held in Coffs Harbour. I should possibly have prepared The Newbie a bit better with the practical things like a hat and sunscreen, as well as a warning him about the Ikea factor (everything is shiny, promises the earth and is only available now and there, so grab it quick).

We were clever enough to go to the show on a week day (tip #1). This tactic avoids kids and crowds and also meant we were the youngest people there among the Grey Nomads. We already have everything we need for our trips so we didn’t go with the intention of buying anything (tip #2). “Show prices” are just a gimmick to get you to pay so they don’t have to pack everything up and transport it all back to wherever they came from. We talked to people as if we were going to buy their products so we could get to hang out inside the roped off spots (tip #3). I played the sensible, responsible adult to ensure that the insensible and silly adult didn’t spend his entire retirement fund (tip #4). We went home and looked for the things we liked in the second hand market (tip #5). Let’s face it, there are a lot of people out there who try out camping and caravanning only to realise they don’t like it. They need someone to sell their near-new kit to. So, we didn’t spend a fortune, except on show food (tip #6 eat before you go) but we had a fabulous afternoon, chose our post-work rig and got some super ideas. We also got inspired for our next adventure out there …

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