John Forrest National Park

This park on the eastern edge of the city is a lovely place to spend anything from an hour to the entire day. We have been here on numerous occasions, for geocaches, birding, special days and orchids. One Mother’s Day we went here for the walk to the tunnel before enjoying lunch at the tavern with the kangaroos. 

Another time we did the Hovea walk trail, coming across a field of trigger plants, enjoying triggering a few just for the fun of it.

Today we were there and stopped just inside the western gate, finding some early season orchids. Further in the park we stopped again to wander the Glen Brook Adam walk, spotting some more orchids, some ducks and robins, and a few cute kangaroos. 

Around John Forrest NP we would highly recommend brunch at Little Nook Cafe in Darlington on the way. Afterwards, a trip to Mundaring for an icecream is also a good idea. Nearby, if you still have some puff, there is the Mundaring Hotel that does a good lunch on a Sunday.

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