Karrakup Koorliny for WA Day weekend 2019

Karrakup Koorliny is a property that used to be an orchard but has been rehabilitated to space for native animals and camping. We wanted to go away for a weekend without going too far after work Friday. I was also sick with a ‘flu so I didn’t really feel up to much. 

Saturday morning was very slow. In fact we did nothing all day. I did less than nothing although I managed a shower. Ralphie loved the fully fenced paddock and was excited by the arrival of another greyhound, Rhianna who got there just in time for lunch and for him to pee on her pawrents esky! Purely by coincidence there were three other greyhounds there also, Minnie, Pixie and Hope! Can you believe his luck? Saturday evening we tried to have pizza and watch a movie. Neither worked that well so we had a lovely fire instead and did some star gazing.

Sunday sleep ins are fabulous especially when you are camping. Eventually we got up and after a lazy breakfast we actually managed a walk through the forest in search of a few caches. The weather was absolutely stunning for the first weekend in winter and we spent the rest of the day enjoying the day. Ralphie hung out for a while with his greyhound buddies and Gavin the resident dog and Harvey the Weimaraner. Seven doggos and not a bark or growl among them. Sunday evening was more of the same with a fire and star gazing (and a hot water bottle) before another good nights sleep.

Monday was a slow pack up followed by coffee in Jarrahdale and cruising home. I was far from well but The Newby also was getting sick so we parked Maz and had a quiet afternoon. We will be going back to Karrakup Koorliny both for what it has to offer and it’s location.

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