New Zealand – The plan

Early 2016
This one is a real pipe dream. But here it is … A camper in NZ for Summer 2016 / 2017. Why? I’ve always wanted to go there and I love camping.

Now the dream is starting to come together. We’ve found the camper of choice and it’s in the ballpark price range. We’ve started looking at a road map and familiarising ourselves with the lay of the land. Next step 

August 2016
The planning has well and truly started. In fact this holidays will be planned to within an inch. That’s not my preferred way of traveling but New Zealand is popular in summer. Who knew? If we don’t book we may be high and dry. So we have an excel spreadsheet (!!), a TripIt group and a Splitwise group and we’ve started booking. First thing we did was secure the car and then the airfares there, leaving Australia on 21st December. We are going via Sydney to drop off The Piper then we are NZ bound.

So far we have booked Otorohanga accommodation (night 3), Kawhia accommodation (night 4) to wake up there on Christmas Day and dig our own spa, Rotorua accommodation (night 5&6), Lake Taupo accommodation (night 7), the ferry to the south island, Abel Tasman accommodation (nights 10 and 11) and a water taxi trip to see the lagoon and the swing bridge on New Years Day, Fox Glacier accommodation (nights 14 & 15), Milford Sound accommodation (nights 18 &19) and a combined cruise / observatory / kayak half day experience. There’s still a bit to do with a few adventures planned and just needing booking. Follow the adventure as it starts by clicking here …

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