North to Ningaloo in November 2020 – That’s a wrap

Ah the joys oh being home. The front cover of the Horizons magazine in the letterbox has Osprey Bay on the cover and the eggs in the fridges are from Kalbarri!
Here’s the wrap …

We’ve been home almost 2 weeks and I have 4 days to go before the Christmas close down at work. It feels like the holiday was months ago! Luckily we had such a good time and participated in amazing activities, the memories of which are sustaining me. Just.

My top 10 things we did:

  1. Watching turtles lay their eggs
  2. The joy flight with Ningaloo Aviation
  3. Independently snorkelling at least once a day, everyday in Coral Bay and Cape Range
  4. The artesian hot tubs at Wooramel Station
  5. The (non) Manta Ray snorkelling day trip
  6. Our self guided tour of Wooramel Station
  7. Six o’clock drinks
  8. Our little boat trip on the Murchison River
  9. Exploring Lynton and Sanford historic sites
  10. Wandering Wooramel “museum”

I also really enjoyed the mix of eating out (every meal at Coral Bay and Kalbarri) and eating in at the station and the cape.

Our new-to-us car went like it was brand new, not skipping a beat and reassuring me that we made a good call there. Taking the camper on and off the car was also a new experience for us. Mambo Man is right, the more we do it, the easier it is (and less stressful). Despite this, we are going to invest in the motors to automate the legs and decrease the amount of time it takes. The side awnings and their brackets worked perfectly and the tents have achieved proof of concept.

Everything about our itinerary and planning was perfect. We had no crowds to contend with, many opportunities to be alone, including when we were laying on the sand with our heads in turtle holes, and the one group tour we did only had 3 other couples. Wandering out yonder outside of peak season was a great idea. So what did it cost for 2 people to drive from Perth to Exmouth and back, with a night at the Eneabba Rec Centre, 4 nights at the station, 5 nights at Coral Bay, 5 nights at Cape Range and 2 nights in Kalbarri, bearing in mind we ate out about half the time? The breakdown is:

Fuel = $700
Accomodation = $606
Attractions and tours = $1021
Eating out = $855
Total (including other things like shopping and take away alcohol) = $3719.00 for 2 people for 17 nights.

Apparently the best one to overcome the post holiday blues is to plan the next one. So, tomorrow we head off for a single night in the abridged rig, exploring the Collie Mural Trail. I’ll post some pictures here. As for bigger trips, watch this space for a February or March 2021 trip …

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