Scarborough, Perth

The Drummer and The Piper share a birthday. They were both born on the 21st June, six years apart. The Drummer was late, she should have been earlier in June. The Piper was early, he should have been later in June. Instead, he arrived at 00.02am on his sisters 6th birthday. Some things are just meant to be.

17th June 2014 – I just booked 3 nights at the Rendezvous Grand Hotel in Scarborough for this weekend for me and kids! Pretty excited. It’s their birthday on Saturday so I booked us in Friday night to Monday morning. I’ll take them to school from there! I’ll pick them up early on Friday for a surprise and check in. Then The Drummer has to work so we’ll take her there and The Piper and I can cruise. Saturday I’ll spoil them with breaky before their lessons and then a nice lunch and our birthday Chinese dinner. Sunday we can have a cruisey beach day and the pool is heated so The Piper will be happy. I’ll take them shopping and they can get some birthday pressies. I’ll have to try to wash their uniforms for school somehow but whatever! I’m so excited for them. They will be stoked.

20th June – I got out at 1.15 and we were checked in here by 3.30ish. The kids are sooooo excited. They are stoked with the whole idea. The room is perfect, the view is good, the location is amazing and the facilities are fabulous. I got a great deal. Just filled a trolley full of Pringles, Doritos, Mars pods, nuts, biscuits, dips and lollies and then had chips and scallops for dinner with pineapple fritters! No amount of running is going to undo this weekend. Speaking of which, I ran along the Indian Ocean this afternoon. Very, very, very cool. And The Piper rode the new scooter. Too cool for school this little family.

22nd June – Been a massive weekend. I’m knackered. It’ll take me all week plus some to recover. Eating, drinking, shopping, playing. The kids have loved it. One melt down last night …. Not pretty and not proud of myself but, contrary to opinion, I ain’t super mum. Just your average mum trying hard.
All packed up, car filled with stuff and we should be gone by 7am. Need to go home … Someone forgot their school shirt! At least we can offload the hermit crab so he doesn’t spend the day in the car. But we’ve swum (well The Piper did), hung with sharks at AQWA (fabulous aquarium), played pool (love playing pool!), hit the treadmill, scooted (him), skated (her) and eaten everything in sight. I think the birthday weekend has been a success.

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