Seventy B4 70

There are loads of places we want to go and there is nothing quite like a global pandemic to make you stop and think of what you are missing. So we have devised a list of seventy places we want to go before I turn 70. We chose me because I am the youngest! As you can see we are still adding to the list. The pandemic will likely give us a chance to tick off a few Australian places and when borders open we will get stuck into the rest. If you think there are any places we should add to the list feel free to let us know.

1. Great Wall of China

2. Hiroshima

3. Antarctica

4. Janie’s Creek

5. Wolf Creek

6. African safari

7. Svalbard

8. Equator

9. NSW Qld SA corner

10. Ireland

11. Khe Sanh

12. Pyramids

13. Eyre Peninsula

14. Mount Augustus

15. Magnetic Island

16. Cocos Keeling

17. Buenos Aires

18. Savannah Way

19. Route 66

20. Barcelona

21. Morocco

22. Tuscany (Leaning Tower of Pisa)

23. Le Tour de France

24. Niagara Falls

25. Vancouver

26. NYC on NYE (Times Square)

27. Greek islands

28. Taj Mahal

29. Kangaroo island

30. Easter island

31. Madagascar

32. Grand Canyon

33. Abbey road

34. Paisley park

35. Graceland

36. Women’s museum Alice Springs

37. Malta

38. Jimmy Creek

39. 101 best beaches in Australia

40. Birdsville

41. Cuba

42. Czech Republic

43. Death Valley

44. Burketown, Qld – for the morning glory and stars

45. San Francisco

46. Lapland to see Santa and the northern lights

47. The Sterling Ranges

48. Orcas in the Southern Ocean

49. Palau

50. Sri Lankan

51. All the other Perths

52. Lord Howe Island

53. Japanese Cherry Blossom

54. International date line

55. Rocamadour, France

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