Sterling Ranges at Easter 2023

The view of the Sterling Ranges from the Porongorups

The year of our lord 2023 is shaping up to rival 2015 for a year of travel. Both years are long service leave years, with 2023 seeing an extended European trip, where 2015 saw an extended Australian trip. Both years also involve a lot of other traipsing up mountains, with 2015 the year I hiked up Huyanupichu mountain at Machu Picchu, whereas in 2023 we are going to hike up Bluff Knoll, the tallest peak in Western Australia. We are booked in to stay at the caravan park and as well as climbing Bluff Knoll, we are excited to give Mount Toolbrunup a crack. After spending the week between Christmas and New Year 2021 at the Porongorups, it will be awesome to head to the other range and try out these climbs. Let’s see if any of our camping buddies have the inclination (pun intended) to join us …

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