The big road trip – Wrap up

Just like a sunset at the end of the day, our trip had to finish eventually. Its hard to write about the end of such a wonderful adventure so I’m not going to try. Instead here are a few figues for anyone interested in the costs.

This trip cost The Piper one term in school. But he learnt so much school can’t teach a twelve year old and that cost ultimately is offset by some great benefits. It also cost me valuable time spent with The Drummer. Being 18 she is not interested in travellling with me. The payoff for this cost? My Drummer grew up a lot while we were gone and is a happy and healthy young adult who became even more independent in my absence.

Financially the trip costs were as follows (I can give you a breakdown if you contact me):
Fuel total was $3479.00 (I can’t tell you how many kilometres exactly but stay tuned for a rough estimate. The speedo died in Kununurra!)
Accomodation total for 70 nights on the road was $2314.60. The costs of the donger in Fitzroy ($300 for two nights) really bumped this up.
Tourist attractions total was $2282. I’m so glad I spent more on this than keeping the car and trailer on the road.
Keeping the car and trailer on the road cost $2185.00. This is something I didn’t factor in, given I had the car fully serviced immediately before I left. There are a few repairs that need to be done now too. Keeping the vehicles on the road is expensive!

Totals are NOT inclusive of food (including eating out) and alcohol or other sundries eg markets, bunnings, kmart etc. These are things I would have done at home anyway.
These totals ARE inclusive of what was paid by visitors (eg fuel, accomodation and tourist costs). Thanks to The Newby and Super Gran for contributing to the great adventure!

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