Using a Japanese toilet

The first thing to remember is that using the loo in Japan is the same as using the loo anywhere else in the world, or for that matter, taking a bush pee. Your normal bodily functions didn’t change when you crossed the border. So you can just get on and do what you have to do. But the loo (actually it’s the seat) may do a few things you’re not expecting. Firstly, expect a warm seat. It takes a while to get used to but by the end of your trip you’ll find a cold seat a bit offensive. Next, when you sit on the sit it detects the pressure and some “privacy music” starts playing to drown out any noises you may make as you do what you’ve done since the day you were born (actually the manufacturers claim that some music can also relax your sphincter if needed, and have installed appropriate music such as operatic pieces by Mendelssohn). If the music isn’t loud enough (!) then you can adjust the volume in the console in the arm rest to your left. Some loos also have a “flushing sound” button so, you can fake a flush if you are exceptionally noisy. This overcomes water wastage while serving the same purpose. 

The loo also offers you bidet services for the “posterior” and for “ladies”. In the interests of being able to provide you an information service on this page, I tested these functions. I can report that the rinse after using the loo is well aimed, very pleasant, and if you find it too cool or too warm then you can adjust the temperature in the arm rest to your left. Having done what you need to do, with privacy, and rinsed afterwards, you can blow dry (adjust the temperature in the arm rest as required) before you flush. Either there will be a swinging handle or a sensor that you wave your hand over. All done. But, as you leave the cubicle don’t be surprised if the toilet seat politely lowers itself in readiness for the next user to start all over again. A very nice closing touch to what is a pleasant experience.

Of interest, a Japanese household is more likely to have one of these toilets than a personal computer. I wonder how long it will take them to build in a PC so you can do your business and do your business …

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