What the heck is geocaching?

Here goes, I’ll attempt to explain geocaching in my own words, no cut and paste.

Its a crazy, worldwide, massive treasure hunt and you don’t even know its going on. In fact you don’t even know you are walking past “treasures” everyday. That’s because you are a Muggle! We try to avoid geocaching when you are around so you don’t try to spoil our fun by removing or damaging caches.

We haven’t been cache’ing long but we are absolute converts and love the challenge of the cache as well as the opportunities cache’ing provides. We like to cache after working all day in stuffy offices and studying at school, to get some fresh air. We go lots of places anyway so cache’ing adds to our adventures and gives us information about places we go. Cache’ing has also helped us to understand GPS a lot better (we live on the 32nd parallel) and explore a variety of apps to maximise coverage. Cache’ing is addictive, funny, family friendly and easy to do. If you don’t cache then google it and sign up to the free version and give it a go. But be warned, it can be a bit frustrating too!

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