Collie Mural Trail

A quick weekend away to have a look at the Wellington Dam wall mural as it is being painted and to see the new (and existing) murals in Collie. The new ones are part of the Collie Mural Trail that starts with the Wellie Dam wall mural. The original map is available here. The photos below are captioned with the number on the map in 2020. Also a few thoughts from me in each caption …

Click on the first photo in each gallery to enlarge them and scroll through (if you are on a ‘phone, turn it landscape).

Of course the dam wall got finished and we had to go back and see it. I also got some awesome drone footage. There were a few more murals in town by then too.

We found out during our trip to Wellie Dam in October 2022 that there are new murals on the trail and they have been added toa new map available here. Here are some of them and their allocated number, according to the new map.

There are a few other pre-existing murals and paintings around town, some of which have been added to the 2022 map. Where I know anything about them, I have added a caption.

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