Wellington Dam

I cant believe I haven’t written about Wellie Dam before now. We have been here at least 3 times to camp and once on a day trip and yet there are only the pictures from our ANZAC Day 2018 trip on here. Our first trip, October 2017, we stayed here to go the Dardenup Bull and Barrel Festival. The 2018 trip was full of activities, with mountain bikes and kayaks, as you can see from the pictures below. We had the prime site, spread ourselves out and made it our own. It was a fun trip. Those were the days when The Piper still enjoyed camping with us.

This year, 2021, we headed there again for ANZAC Day and stayed at site 11, just down from the prime site and actually a great site in it’s own right. The mission for the trip was to see the completed dam wall, which we saw in the making, as part of our Collie Mural trip. So of course, we headed to the dam wall first thing. I got some awesome drone footage and great photos. It is amazing and well worth the trip to see. I am sure you will be able to tell from my pictures what my favourite picture within the picture is. This trip we also got a look at Black Diamond Lake which I am looking forward to seeing again in full sunlight, and we added a couple of Collie Murals to the collection. While we were out an about it was announced that Perth and Peel were going into a 3 day lock down and anyone who had been in either area in the last few days had to stay put where they where. Lucky us! Stuck at Wellie Dam with bikes and Kayaks to do our hour of exercise each day. So over the remainder of our trip we kayaked to the dam wall, rode part of the MTB trails for a cache or two, walked to the shop and back (the long way) and kayaked to the island. Because we were sure the lock down would lift and we could home late we booked another night, not to stay but to save on the rush to be off the site by 10 am. It turned out to be a great idea, giving us a full day to enjoy this awesome part of the world before making the 2 hour journey home, cruising through the police check point at 9pm, 3 hours before they were removed. Was there a lock down over the long weekend?

These are the photos from ANZAC Day long weekend 2018. You can see we have a different Maz and a different set up for the “bathroom”. The Piper is also missing but the birdies are always around.

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